Apply AI in 30 days.

No math required. Learn to use AI without intensive data science training. Make your business AI-powered.


What you will learn

in our courses

Problem Identification

A strategy to find problems where AI can bring an impact

Data Acquisition

Learn necessary coding skills to gather relevant data

Train AI & Deploy

Build and deploy AI models without math and engineering

Why this course structure

And how it benefits you

Be one of a kind The key skill that differentiates you from the crowd is your experience. Don’t abandon it for a new job title. Instead, learn to apply AI within your domain and be one of a kind.

Don't reinvent the wheel You don’t need to learn transistors to use a computer. Neither do you need to learn the math to use AI algorithms. Use the new-age auto-ml tools to build models fast and efficient.

Be distinguished Doing an AI project entails diverse teams, high budgets, and long timelines. Cut the red tape and be a full stack to create an immediate impact and bring recognition to you and your work.

Your instructor

Santosh GSK is an Applied AI expert helping businesses with AI-powered solutions. For the past 7 years, he has been working as a Data Scientist solving problems in Healthcare, Finance, Real-estate, and Legal domains. His passion for Machine Learning has emerged from his Masters at IIIT Hyderabad where he had extensively worked on ML research publishing 6 research papers.

He believes that AI is becoming an integral part of successful businesses. He, therefore, is on a mission to train professionals in building AI products through his platform Applied AI Works. He teaches professionals in taking a pragmatic approach in finding problems and applying AI without requiring math training so that they can make a positive business impact and be recognized.

Trained AI Professionals


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